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GPS Repeater for Aircraft Hangar

GPS Repeater for Aircraft Hangar operates by receiving GPS signals direct from satellite through antenna located top of the hangar and bringing the signal inside by a low loss GPS cable then amplify and re-transmit the GPS signal inside the hanger and all navigation or receiving devices can receive the GPS signal inside the hangar now.

GPS Repeater for Automobile Testing

GPS Repeater Technologies is specialized in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) repeating technology. GNSS enabled systems provides coverage of maximum satellites such as GPS, GLONASS and Galileo.

GPS Repeater for Fire Safety

Users like telecom, public safety, defense, transport, airlines, logistics and companies manufacturing, selling and servicing GNSS systems, receivers, terminals and services.

GPS Repeater for Underground Parking

GPS Repeaters Technologies provide indoor coverage solution for underground parking, covering the entire floor with GPS signal for underground parking. We provide complete design and deployment solutions for underground parking for Radio Taxi, Airport Parking, Private Car Praking and City Bus Parking with full coverage of live GPS

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GPS Repeater for Aircraft Hangar

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