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GPS Repeater for Agriculture

GPS Repeater for Agriculture

When Parked Inside A Building, Precision Agriculture Machinery Can’t Receive A GPS Signal Due To The Blocking Effect Of The Building Structure.

This means the machinery has to be moved outside to get a view of the sky so that GPS systems can be tested after installation or repair.

Another consequence of being under cover is that when a machine is moved outside again, it can take several minutes for the acquisition of satellite signals to provide a fix.

The problem is that the GPS signals, having travelled 12,500 miles from the satellites in orbit above the Earth, are too weak to penetrate the building structure.

A GPS repeater system installed in a farm building or manufacturing plant ensures that:

  • All equipment receives a “live” GPS satellite signal whilst indoors.
  • Satellite-guided farming equipment is “locked on” to the GPS satellites at all times when indoors.
  • When machines leave the building they already have GPS lock and are “ready to use”.
  • There is no prolonged wait for satellite acquisition to happen when leaving the building.