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GPS Repeater for Aircraft Hangar

GPS Repeater for Aircraft-hangar

GPS Repeater for Aircraft Hangar help us to bring the GPS signal inside the hangar. The structure of an aircraft hangar can block the radiation of GPS signals making it impossible to test on-board navigation equipment without bringing the aircraft outside under the view of the sky.

A GPS repeater system overcomes this physical barrier by transferring the outdoor signals to the interior of the hangar, which means all maintenance work can be carried out inside the hangars.

GPS Repeater system installed in an Aircraft Hangar:

  • Receives the GPS signals from satellites via an external GPS antenna.
  • Sends the signals down by coaxial cable to a GPS repeater unit (sometimes multiple units) inside the hangar.
  • The repeater amplifies and re-radiates the signals indoors so that all GPS receivers within range can use the outdoor signals.


  • L1 (1575 MHz)
  • L2 (1227 MHz)
  • GLONASS (1602 MHz)
  • Galileo (1575 MHz)